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Director of administrative office

Ø 年龄:27—45岁

Ø 性别:不限;

Ø 籍贯:不限;

Ø Education: College degree or above in administration, business administration or related major

Ø Marital status:不限;

Ø Experience requirements:At least 5 years working experience in office management and administrative personnel management

Ø Knowledge requirements:熟悉Labor law规;

Ø Ability requirements: Strong communication, organizational skills, coordination skills, strong writing, text combination skills


Administrative commissioner

Ø 年龄:25-32

Ø 性别:不限

Ø 学历:本科Degree or above

Ø Native place: Not limited

Ø Experience required: At least 4 years working experience

Ø Marital status: no limit

Ø Knowledge requirements:Have certain management, secretarial related professional knowledge

Ø Ability requirements: Proficient in operating office system, with writing ability

Ø Other requirements: strong sense of responsibility, strong coordination ability, strong organizational ability, high political literacy


Sales manager

Ø 年龄:Between 25 and 30 years old

Ø Gender: No limitation, male preferred

Ø Native place: Not limited

Ø 学历:本科以上学历;

Ø Marital status: no limit

Ø Experience: At least two years working experience in marketingSales experience in this industry is preferred

Ø Knowledge requirements: Master advanced marketing knowledge and methodsHave in-depth research and practical experience in market development, channel maintenance and brand building

Ø Ability requirements: Strong marketing operation ability and team spirit, excellent marketing activity planning, market development ability, communication and expression ability

Ø Other requirements: Strong sense of responsibility, dedication, and ability to solve problems independently;Able to work under pressure


Sales clerk

Ø 年龄:20—30

Ø 性别: 女性

Ø Education: SecretaryMajor, undergraduateDegree or above

Ø Native place: Not limited

Ø Experience requirement: more than one year working experience in the same position

Ø Marital status: no limit

Ø Knowledge requirements: Familiar with office software, have certain written expression ability, copy editing, writing ability, strong text expression ability, familiar with fax machine, copier, all-in-one machine, scanner and other office equipment operation

Ø Ability requirements: quick thinking, good language skills;Strong communication skills;Good team work spirit;Work hard, enthusiastic, careful and patient; 

Ø Other requirements: Standard Mandarin, image, temperament



Foreign trade salesman

Ø 年龄:20—35

Ø 性别: 不限;

Ø Education: Secretary major本科Degree or above

Ø Native place: Not limited

Ø Experience requirement: more than one year working experience in the same position

Ø Marital status: no limit

Ø Knowledge requirements:College degree or above, major in international trade, marketing, familiar with network marketing model and foreign trade business;

Ø Ability requirements:English at least 6, good oral English, able to communicate with customers;

Ø Other requirements:Familiar with common international communication etiquette, familiar with common office documents。


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