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Field analysis of mobile skid mounted gas station

日期: 2024-02-20
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The appearance of such stations has changed the sales model of petroleum products to a certain extent, and also provided more convenient services for the society。

The reason why many people call it a mobile skid type gas station is because this station looks like a container and has all the functions of a traditional gas station, and one of its characteristics is mobile, which is different from the traditional oil station, and can be migrated at any time when the enterprise is changed。

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in our country, gas stations have become essential facilities for people to travel and business operations。The launch and application of mobile skid mounted gas station has played an important role in alleviating the difficulty of refueling vehicles in urban areas and making up for the shortage of logistics parks and other stations in some factories。

The advantages of skid filling station detailed explanation:

Low operating costs - the investment cost of the installation site is much smaller than the traditional oil station, if the enterprise chooses this kind of oil station, there are more oil sources to choose, how to determine the retail price, you can talk about it yourself。

Oil quality assurance - With skid filling stations, you can not only operate a variety of types of oil, but also more qualified to ensure the quality of oil。

Installation is not cumbersome - skid-mounted gas stations do not need to dig pits, install other metal structures and create special entrances for the refueling machine during installation。All you need is a flat, solid surface。

Skid type gas station applicable place details:

The scenarios used include: airports, port terminals, logistics parks, mines, energy companies, driving schools, passenger stations, corporate self-use, etc。

Airport: First, it can strictly control the quality of oil products, and second, it is convenient and fast to refuel inside the airport。

Port terminal: alleviates the pressure of refueling on a large number of docking vessels at the port and saves refueling time。

Logistics park: solves the problem of oil expenditure of logistics companies and saves operating costs。

Mine: to achieve nearby refueling vehicles in mining areas, improve work efficiency。

Energy companies: Open the link from wholesale to retail to increase the energy sales of enterprises。

Driving school: Strengthen the management of the driving school on the vehicle, through the IC card backstage system always understand the vehicle oil situation。

Passenger station: It saves the time for the bus to refuel itself, and fuel consumption for round trip。

Enterprise's own use: master the source of oil, convenient for enterprises to monitor the vehicle refueling time and oil situation。

Enterprise internal mobile skid type gas station oil storage, both safe and environmental protection。The state supports the internal self-storage and self-use of enterprises, but it should be noted that the procedures are approved and passed by the relevant departments before the station can be built and operated。However, Zoomlion has more than 10 years of experience in station construction and operation, these are small things!

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