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Hazardous chemical storage tanks

日期: 2018-03-02
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Intelligent control system of hazardous chemical storage tank

The storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals are subject to strict safety regulations,Liquid hazardous chemicals need to be stored in special tanks,Most of these hazardous chemicals are inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive and so on,A little negligence may occur fire and explosion, environmental pollution, personnel injury and other accidents,Therefore, the safety control of liquid hazardous chemical storage tank is extremely important。

Existing tank control and monitoring equipment is not uniform,通常,Different monitoring projects need to set up independent monitoring equipment,These inspection equipment also operate independently,Such as independent flammable gas monitoring and alarm, independent liquid level monitoring, temperature monitoring, etc,These individually configured monitoring devices are not connected to each other,Cannot achieve integrated control,And does not have automatic danger handling function,We can only sound the alarm when we see danger,It is necessary to manually discover the alarm and then do the specific danger handling work。If safety operations cannot be performed quickly when dangerous situations are found, there will be safety risks and the overall safety of hazardous chemical storage tanks cannot be guaranteed。The existing market barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device, the safety monitoring and control configured by various manufacturers are also separate independent monitoring, can not achieve integrated monitoring, alarm, but can not achieve centralized control, which brings safety risks to the operation。

According to the existing different monitoring systems, our company has developed a set of independent intellectual property rights, strong security, high degree of automation, and can achieve integrated controlIntelligent control system for liquid hazardous chemical storage tank。Be suitable forIntelligent control system for liquid hazardous chemical storage tank, installed in conjunction with the corresponding liquid hazardous chemical storage tank, including the main control unit, andThe main control unit corresponds to the connected monitoring unit and the risk handling unit,The loading and unloading pump, filling device and lighting device matched with the storage tank are correspondingly connected with the main control unit,The utility model is used to make the main control unit control the emergency stop of the loading and unloading pump and control the emergency power off of the filling device;The monitoring unit includes a liquid level sensor arranged in the storage tank, a combustible gas sensor arranged in the pump room, and a temperature sensor,And a leak monitor arranged between the inner and outer layers of the tank;The emergency handling unit includes line cut-off valves, emergency exhaust fans, sound and light alarms, and automatic fire extinguishers。

In the systemThe monitoring unit is used to obtain the liquid level and temperature in the hazardous chemical storage tank in real time信息,At the same time, monitor the pump room for flammable gas leakage,Monitor the leakage of hazardous chemicals between the inner and outer layers of the tank,And transmit this information to the main control unit;The master control unit responds to the information it receives,When abnormal information is detected,Issue alarms and take action accordingly,Such as cutting off the transmission pipeline, emergency exhaust, start automatic fire extinguishers, etc.;The main control unit can also control the handling pump, filling device and lighting device of the storage tank,It can control the power failure of the filling device and the emergency stop of the loading and unloading pump in the case of emergency,The safety monitoring, emergency treatment and automatic control of hazardous chemical storage tanks are realized。

The main control unit includesintegrationThe control cabinet is provided with an electrical component, and the electrical component includesPower module, central processing controller, relays, fuses, circuit breakers corresponding to the central processing controller, and signal processing module and signal isolation module;The control cabinet is connected to the corresponding external equipment through the wiring bar;Central processing controller respectivelyThe loading and unloading pumps, filling devices, lighting devices, and equipment in the monitoring unit and the emergency handling unit are electrically connected。The touch screen on the panel of the control cabinet is used to realize human-computer interaction. Each switch component is connected to the corresponding external devices to realize integrated control and operation on the control panel。

The hazardous chemicals are smartThe control system is especially suitable forIntegrated control is realized in the barrier explosion-proof skid-mounted refueling device。The characteristic of this system is not only to ensure the safety of the oil in the storage tank, but also to ensure the danger caused by human error and improper operation after the oil leaves the tank。The main functions are:

① Danger occurs when unloading oil or the tank volume reaches the set elevation, and the unloading pump automatically stops to prevent oil occuring;

(2) When the oil is dangerous or lower than the set elevation of the tank capacity, the oil circuit and the refueling machine will be automatically cut off;

③ Oil tank oil temperature reaches the set value, sound and light alarm and cut off the oil circuit and stop;

④ Chamber temperature reaches the set value, sound and light alarm and cut off the oil circuit and stop。

(5) The concentration of oil and gas caused by leakage or spreading oil exceeds the set value (lower explosion limit)25%At the same time, the audible and visual alarm automatically opens the emergency ventilation and cuts off the oil circuit and stops。

Other safety facilities such as emergency pressure relief, tank leakage monitoring, electrostatic grounding alarm, automatic dry powder fire extinguishing, oil filling gun oil pipe pulling intermittent oil, first and second oil and gas recovery。

⑦ In order to facilitate customer maintenance, our skid-mounted products are also specially equipped with cleaning and blowdown pipes for future maintenance and maintenance。

⑧ ConfigurationsICThe function of the card and its corresponding management software can realize multiple networking and remote data transmission。

The automatic control system developed by our company for hazardous chemical storage tanks is a set of overall control system (including hardware and software), which can realize the monitoring, linkage, joint control and interlocking of the whole system;Different from the separate independent safety configuration installed by other manufacturers on the market, the occurrence of danger can only alarm, requiring manual intervention。

This system realizes the integrated safety control of hazardous chemical storage tanks, unified management and control of safety information monitoring, feedback, alarm and danger treatment of hazardous chemical storage tanks, and solves the problems of independent operation of each monitoring project of hazardous chemical storage tanks, slow reaction speed, and inability to realize automatic protective measures in the existing technology。The system has a high degree of automation and can realize the unified control of the storage tank supporting equipment, especially suitable for useThe safety system control in the skid-mounted refueling device makes the operation more convenient and safer。



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