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Barrier explosion-proof material spherical material

日期: 2018-03-02
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ZLAK barrier explosion-proof material is a special aluminum alloy foil made by hot rolling process,It changes the mechanical properties of the material,A cylindrical or spherical body with high porosity network structure was made by cutting and stretching,This material can effectively solve the problem of crushing in the process of long-term use, causing the blockage of pumps, meters, valves and various oil system。The material is widely used in buried storage tanks of automobile gas stations, hazardous chemical transport vehicles, automobile refueling tankers and storage containers for military vehicles, as well as aircraftSafety and explosion protection of storage tanks for ships and shipsIt is also used for the safety and explosion protection of ground storage containers for hazardous chemicals such as gasoline, diesel and liquefied petroleum gas and large oil depot storage tanks。


Barrier explosion-proof material spherical technical parameters



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