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日期: 2018-03-01
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    Skid filling station features and functions

◆ Safety and explosion-proof - In the case of shooting, collision, operation error and other accidents, will not cause explosion。

◆ Environmental protection and energy saving oil and gas recovery device, effectively inhibit oil and gas volatilization, reduce air pollution

◆ Diversified style - diversified appearance design style, which can meet the match and match with different installation environments。

◆ Fully functional office management system, automated operating system, remote data acquisition and transmission system are all invested。

◆ Efficient and quick a whole machine factory, once in place,3-It can be put into operation in 5 days, greatly shortening the construction cycle of the station。

◆ Eliminate static electricity, lightning anti-static foundation, cathodic protection, conducive to the safe storage of oil products。

◆ Easy maintenance - Safety and explosion-proof function is not affected by changes in internal and external conditions, easy daily maintenance。

◆ Double tank wall one barrier explosion-proof double tank wall storage tank, oil and gas monitoring alarm and anti-leakage detection device of multiple protection。

◆ Flexible design can be designed according to customer requirements of the size of the storage tank, the number of bins, applicable to the actual needs of customers。

◆ Protect water resources - prevent leakage, leakage device, effective prevention and control of groundwater pollution。

◆ Low operating cost one occupies only 30 area-50 square meters, investment in 35-Between 750,000, can achieve the vehicle "zero kilometer refueling"。

Company leading products"Skid-mounted gas station" is widely used in logistics and transportation companies, enterprises and institutions for internal refueling。

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