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Skid fueling device (container type)

日期: 2018-03-01
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The explosion-proof skid refueling device is directly processed and manufactured by our company and can be relocated as a wholeAll equipment is placed on the ground a ground fire and explosion-proof storage tank, refueling machine and automatic fire extinguisher, automatic control system in one of the refueling equipment。


★ Small size of oil station, less land;

★ Easy installation, overall migration。After migration, the equipment is not damaged, and the economy can be preserved;

This kind of gas station is equipped with many safety components that are not found in buried gas stations:

◇ Such as automatic fire extinguishing device

◇ Emergency pressure relief device

◇ Anti-overfilling device

◇ Alarm device

◇ High temperature automatic oil cut-off protection valve

◇ Internal combustion suppression device, etc

◆ The explosion-proof skid refueling device is equipped with a primary and secondary oil and gas recovery device, the double-wall storage tank eliminates leakage and pollution factors, and the monitoring instrument of the storage tank sandwich improves the leakage monitoring。

Application range of skid fueling device

The oil storage tank that blocks the explosion-proof skid with the refueling device is arranged on the ground,There are no hidden problems such as underground water pollution caused by slow leakage of buried oil tanks,Plus the cathodic protection of ZLAK's anti-explosion material,It can effectively prevent groundwater pollution,因此,It can be used in special environments such as water conservation areas,At the same time, the external types of barrier explosion-proof skid oiling devices are various,It can also meet the match with different environments,Safety of barrier explosion-proof skid oiling device,Environmental protection, energy saving, convenient, efficient and other features,Greatly meet the needs of customers。At present, it has been widely used in urban centers, residential communities, public transportation, sanitation, postal services, docks, passenger transportation centers, logistics centers, construction sites,Industrial and mining and other institutional users are fixed into temporary refueling facilities,It is also a powerful means to carry out small distribution, extend the refueling gun, and broaden the refined oil market,It has a wide range of applications



Company leading products"Skid-mounted gas station" is widely used in logistics and transportation companies, enterprises and institutions for internal refueling。

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